What does the new name stand for?

Sunshine Valley Community Recreation Society.

Is it a non-profit society?

Yes, the Society is a non-profit society registered in British Columbia.

Now that the Society is offering free programs, what do we get for our membership fee?

Members have access to all programs during all open hours. If someone is not a member, they can visit our facilities, such as the pool, on specific community days, for a fee. Members also have other benefits, which you can find on our membership page.

Who is in charge of the Sunshine Valley Community Recreation Society?

The Society is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors. These Volunteers volunteer and are confirmed at an annual AGM.

Does the Board of Directors do everything for the Society?

No. The Board of Directors are charged with ensuring that all fiduciary duties are taken care of. These duties include making sure all legal and financial activities are performed in generally approved methods, that risk is analyzed for all activities, and that insurance is up to date. The Board also manages any paid contractors or staff. Everything else is performed by volunteers for the most part, and a few paid contractors.

What sort of activities do Volunteers perform?

Volunteers do many duties. They might help once a week for an hour, cleaning the pool house, or organize a whole fundraising or social event.

Volunteers water the plants every day in the summer, cut the grass, vacuum the games room, sweep the front entrance. They build some things and they paint other things.

There are many duties performed by volunteers, and the Society is always looking for responsible and committed volunteers.

In 2021, volunteers repainted the pool, planted trees in the playground, helped at the coffee cart and built a gazebo.

A volunteer cuts the grass every week on the playground and surrounding area. In the next few months there are many maintenance activities planned that volunteers could help with.

How are programs decided?

Most programs come as a suggestion from a community member. The board discusses them and decides based on risks which programs move forward.

What is the Society’s street address?

14781 Alpine Boulevard,
Sunshine Valley,
Hope, BC
V0X 1L5

What is the Society’s mailing address?

C/O Grove Bookkeeping
PO Box 250
Hope, BC
V0K 1L0